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German Lottery History

6aus49, (meaning 6 out of 49) and also known as the German lottery because of its popularity, has been around since the mid ’70 in the format we know today. It is organized by Der Deutsche Lotto- und Totoblock, an organization unifying 16 independent lottery companies.

But, that is not the whole 6aus49 history. The lottery emerged as early as 1953 but took time for it to become what it is today. The betting first started after the Second World War in a 5 from 90 format in Germany. It didn’t take long for the format to change to the 6 from 49, since the odds for winning a 5 from 90 jackpot were too poor. So after that the additional number was added, and by 1962 there was also a possibility of winning a second tier prize, something other than jackpot, for guessing five main and one additional number right.

In 1974, with the aforementioned merger of the Toto and Lotto to the German Toto-Lotto Block, the jackpot cap rose from 500,000 Deutsche Marks to 1,500,000. It rose again to 3 million in 1981 and by then players could also play the so called Spiel 77, where the ticket serial number must match numbers drawn in the separate draw.

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Throughout 6aus49 lotto history the game was played on Saturdays, but in 1982 the Wednesday draw was also added, as a 7aus38 game. Three years after marked a big changed in the 6aus49 game, since the jackpot cap was completely removed, and it has stayed that way until today. In 1986 the Wednesday draw also adopted the 6aus49 format.

Today, 6aus49 is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, with a minimum jackpot of one million Euros, but it offers a few additional different and exciting games under its umbrella. One has already been mentioned, Spiel 77 but there are two more games available to players.

There is also a Super 6, which has the same principle as Spiel 77, except only 6 numbers are drawn and have to be matched. The last one is called GlücksSpirale, and it’s only played in Saturday’s draw. It has seven tiers of fixed prizes and a particularly exciting jackpot: if your serial number matches all seven drawn numbers, you will win 10.000 Euros for every month for the next 20 years.

Now that you realize how outstanding German lotto history (and present) is, there’s not much more left to do other than click and play!

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6 balls

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5 balls

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4 balls

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3 balls

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