Play 6aus49

If you’ve always wanted to play the German lottery but you are not living in Germany, then you’ve come to the right place. Until now all of us who are not living in Germany didn’t have that opportunity, but those beautiful jackpots are now a real possibility for everybody, through placing a German lotto bet or buying a ticket through us.

When you first encounter betting on lottery, it might seem like it’s something very complicated, when in fact it’s very simple: placing a German lotto bet is basically the same as playing it, the only difference being that the winnings are guaranteed by us. You choose the numbers you’d choose as if you were buying a physical lottery ticket and you play through our site. When the numbers in the official German lottery 6aus49 are drawn, you check your betting ticket and compare to see if you have won something. And that’s it! But, to place a bet on a famous 6aus49 lottery (the official name of a German lottery) or to just play it through buying a ticket, you first need to know the rules for it.

Lotto 6aus49 is held every Wednesday and Saturday, so that’s when you’ll know if you’ve won something. To play you need to choose 6 numbers out of the pool of 49 (as the name suggests), but there is also a one special number, called Superzahl (Superball), preprinted on the physical tickets.

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Superzahl is crucial for winning the jackpot because the combination of 6 numbers plus Superzahl means winning the biggest prize. (Fun fact: when you play online, you get to choose Superzahl for yourself). Besides the jackpot there are also eight additional tiers of prizes: 6, 5 + Superball, 5, 4 + Superball, 4, 3 + Superball, 3, 2 + Superball. The odds for winning the jackpot are 1 in 139.838.160 and the odd for winning in all categories combined are 1 in 31. The starting jackpot for the main game is one million Euros, and there is no cap on it so it grows until someone wins it. To play 6aus49 you’ll need to invest 1.50 Euros for one line.

But, that’s not everything that the German lotto has to offer. Aside from the main game, there are also three additional raffle games you can bet on. The first one is called Spiel 77 (Game 77), where your ticket serial numbers play the main part. If they are matched with the numbers drawn (including in the same order), the lucky player can win a minimum of 177,777 Euros, with a prospect for bigger money, since Spiel77 jackpot also rolls over. Of course, the jackpot isn’t the only prize to be won here, you can also win prizes for matching last six numbers, last five, and so on, down to two.

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Super6, the second game, has basically the same principle, except that only six numbers are drawn (as opposed to seven in Spiel77), so your ticket number must match only six numbers to win a jackpot of 100,000 Euros. There are also five other tiers of prizes.

And the last one, GlücksSpirale, is possibly the most fun of all, because of its crazy jackpot. It is played only on Saturdays and it has seven fixed tiers of prizes. You also have to match the drawn numbers, but if you match everything right you win a crazy jackpot: 10,000 Euros ever month for the next 20 years!

Now that you know everything, don’t waste any more time, try your luck with German lottery today, either through betting on the result or by buying a ticket – even better, do both !!