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Want to Know Everything about 6aus49 German Lotto?

If you are having some questions about 6aus49, look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Find all your answers below.

To play 6aus49, you choose six numbers out of 49 and the additional Superzahl (Superball) number. You can also choose to play three other raffle games.

The 6aus49 lotto draw takes place each Wednesday and Saturday.

You have won a prize if the numbers you’ve played or placed a bet on are drawn in the official lottery. You can use our Results Checker to see if your numbers have won.

Results for the German Lotto are known immediately after the draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night, but you can also always jump to Results to see what are the winning numbers.

If your numbers are drawn, you can win a jackpot (minimum of one million Euros) as well as eight other prizes. Also, as mentioned before, there are three additional raffle games under the 6aus49 umbrella. The odds for winning the jackpot are 1 in 139.838.160 and the odds for winning in all categories combined are 1 in 31.

For every winning combination you’ve placed a bet on, we at guarantee you’ll win the same prize offered in the official lottery.

With a system bet you can bet with more than the standard amount of numbers, therefore increasing your chances of winning exponentially. To engage the System Bet simply click on additional numbers beyond the regular amount of required numbers.

For further assistance contact our customer support team.

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